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Singapore Food Festival 2023

Singapore Festival Food 2023

The agency Bartle Bogle Hearty created this year’s Singapore Food Festival (SFF) visual design, with the captivating Neue Power Font serving as the festival’s main typeface, encapsulating the spirit and vibrancy of the event.

Singapore Food Festival use Neue Power Font
Content taken from Nicholas Koh

If we check the history, they have been using our gorgeous Neue Power since the 29th edition of the Singapore Food Festival in 2022, and this continues throughout this year.

The Singapore Food Festival has been held since 1994, organized by the Singapore Tourism Board. Since last year, the branding and visual aspects of the event have been handled by the agency Bartle Bogle Hearty.

Compared to previous years, the 30th Singapore Food Festival was celebrated with even more grandeur, as it invited over 100 food vendors and offered a more exciting distribution of zones, including Sweets Alley, Cafe Boulevard, Food Cartel, and the SG Food Walk.

Neue Power Fount use in Singapore Food Festival 2023

The Singapore Food Festival comes alive with an enthralling fusion of visuals (print and digital media) using our captivating font, Neue Power Font. BBH’s skillful curation shines through, presenting a mesmerizing masterpiece that harmoniously blends all elements to perfection.

Singapore Food Festival use Neue Power Font

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